Virudhunagar district were belong to the rain fed region. Agriculture of this region were depending upon the rainfall they get by each cycle. SEEDS associated with NABARD and TAWDEVA (Tamilnadu Watershed Development Agency) and implemented the Watershed Project in the year of 2011 at Pisind Alagiyanallur, Virudhunagar District.

To ensure the level of people’s participation in the village Pre- Capacity Building phase will. In this village level meetings the clear knowledge about the present Socio-Economic, Agricultural, Environmental Issues and The need of Watershed Program will be given to the Community People.

Siramadhan is the second step of watershed where the community people involved in the development activities such as Deepening of Ponds, Strengthening of bunds etc. and then Village Watershed Committee (VWC) will be formed with the representation of various sections like Women, farmers, land labours and stakeholders, etc. Then the Village Watershed Committee will take to the exposure visit to other watershed area for their clear understanding about the project.

In final with the support of VWC Participatory Rural Appraisal will conduct in the Village to identify the gaps to be filled in the village for the better agriculture.
We were working on 20 different activities to improve the water level in the targeted area some of them are Constructing Field Bunds, Farm Ponds, Well recharge pit, Agro Forestry, Agro Horticulture, Tank slit applications, etc. Based on these activities totally we have covered 3138.36 hectors in overall.

Impacts of Watershed

Watershed has controlled the soil erosion in the targeted community
Water Velocity has reduced in our beneficiaries villages
The great success of the project is we bring back the Traditional agricultural practices in the community
Ground Water level had increased due to this watershed
We created awareness about Water Management among the beneficiaries through which we were able to save more water
We have changed the uncultivable lands into cultivable one and now cultivation land in the community has increased
We have converted the Rain fed area into agricultural land
Quantity and Quality of Yielding has increased in our targeted village
We made afforestation in our villages
Before the Watershed there was a lot of Migration in our targeted villages, now the migrant numbers have been reduced
Watershed is the base for initiating FPO’s. Based on the confidence we gained from the watershed project our sponsors supported us to initiate the FPO’s
We gained good support from the community through Sramadhan
We supported our beneficiaries through many convergence and credit linkages to improve our livelihood


In our targeted villages Soil erosions were controlled, and the Water velocity has reduced. Due to the fall of agriculture in this area many have started migrated to urban areas in search of job after the watershed agriculture has boom again which reduces this migration. Underground water level has increased. The major achievement is we have converted the Uncultivable lands into cultivatable and the cultivation level in these areas were increased. We have also bring back the traditional agricultural practices in our targeted areas which is also the major achievement of the watershed project.

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