SEEDS and the NPM network has been working on a project on “Improving the market readiness of small and marginal farmers practicing NPM (Non Pesticide Management) of Agriculture, since October 2018. NPM is supported by BRLF (Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation). BRLF being an agency, supporting farming communities in backward regions of Central & Eastern India through NPM (Non-pesticide management). This project covers 22 CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) spread across 5 states in Central and Eastern India. The main objectives of this project are to promote FPOs (Farmer Producer Organizations) by training the CSOs and prepare the CSO partners who have been promoting NPM in their working areas to aggregate, value add and connect them with organized markets.


To strengthen the capacities of inexperienced partners, who are advocating NPM, to promote community based, producer-led Farmer Producer Organizations (FPCs).

To enhance the market preparedness of partners who are already promoting FPCs and open up for them, the possibility of working at scale to connect farming communities with organized markets.

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