Orgin of SEEDS


The 25 years of success journey is only because of the tireless effort of our Founder and Secretary Mr.S.D.Pandian. He made it because of his rich experiences that he gained from the Sarvodhaya Movement. He is a great follower of Gandhian Thoughts hence; he started his career by doing Volunteer services for the development of his surroundings. To render the service in an organized manner he registered SEEDS NGO by 1995 under Societies act. The main motto of the Organization is to bring the Socio-economic development among the marginalized community especially to Women, Children, Vulnerable, Small and Marginalized Farmers. The tireless effort of Secretary, SEEDS has crossed many milestones during its Voyage. They have started with Women Development, Housing for unorganized sector, Hunger Project in initial stages. As the days passes by they started to focus on the development of Small and Marginal Farmers. Through Non- Pesticides Management Agricultural Practices, Watershed Development program they have supported the farmers Livelihood. The successful result of the above programs we got an opportunity to start our sister concern SEEDS FPCL in the year of. SEEDS has become the major resource institution for the FPO’s in Tamil Nadu. In the year 2020-2021 SEEDS has empanelled as Community Based Business Organization through which we are started to render service in Southern States Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka. These are all the result for 25 years of effort.

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