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Village Development Program

SEEDS promoted the Village Development Program with the support of its Funding Partner Samunnati – a Agri Value Chain Solution. Samunnati is a national organization that enables the growth in the value chain of agricultural eco system. SEEDS along with Samunnati were providing credit support and other linkeages to many small and marginal farmers through FPO’s for last 5 years. At this juncture Samunnati were decided to work on the Village development. Hence they started Gramunnati – Village Development Program along with SEEDS. Villages which are covered by our FPO’s were decided to taken as a target area for Gramunnati. Following Five FPO’s were selected to work in the Gramunnati.

1. SEEDS Farmer Producer Company
2. Ramanar Farmer Producer Company
3. Ramanathapuram Farmer Producer Company
4. Viluthugal Farmer Producer Company
5. Vinobave Farmer Producer Company

Through the support and guidance of these FPO’s 5 Blocks from three district were chosen as the target area Which are in the underdeveloped status

After the identification of the targeted village our resource team, Project Coordinator has visited every village and counducted PALM ( Participatory Learning Meet).

PALM (Participatory Learning Meet) is a tool developed by SEEDS with the support of Samunnati to develop the future plan of a company or community through identifying the needs of their shareholders or benificiaries. Through this tool our team has identified the needs of each villages and the planned the activites to be undertaken in the following years.

During the time of Pandemic, Covid Intervention was done in these villages by our Gramunnati team. Among these panchayats Thonukal village is declared as red zone by the district admin. We served them with Homepathy immunity booster to the villagers through our Hearfulness volunteers under Gramunnati banner. Also there was a request to provide scavengers of above panchayats with safety suits.

1. Served 5064 families with immunity booster and kabasura kudineers siddha medicine (approved by Govt.)
To Promote Health & Wellness To Every Household
2. Provided safety suits to the scavengers of above 5 panchayats (around 35 persons, 2 sets per head)

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